Perfusion Locum Tenens are perfusionists who temporarily fulfill the duties of other perfusionists typically for a short period of time. As time is relative one could argue that locum applies to all things and situations. Locum perfusionists, in general, requires a unique skill set, as well as an open mind. Most locum perfusionists have several years of practice, and are able to quickly adapt to organizational preferences in-order to provide a consistent, and high level of perfusion care. Experience can often dictate how you get across the bridge, or whether you end up swimming with the sharks…

P-LT has been established to provide a resource for perfusion and other healthcare services. The goal for P-LT is to remain open source and transparent so as to provide thorough and objective solutions for surgical and other healthcare professionals.  Please share any communication or comments you may have.

P-LT.com is a non-profit organization and is able to provide this service free to the community because of donations from various organizations that strive for open access and transparency. Please feel free to use this site to advertise your locum availability, obtain CEU’s, post pics, post jobs, locum solicitations, sell equipment, supplies and services, and communicate with the healthcare community at large. Do not forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay abreast of all things P-LT.

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