Stem Cell Discovery: Astrocytes Could Repair Stroke Brain Damage

mnt logoStem cell researchers have discovered that astrocytes may prove useful against stroke and other brain disorders.

Astrocytes – neural cells that form the blood-brain barrier and so control what can and cannot enter the brain from the blood supply – have previously been overlooked in this area of stroke research.

A collaborative study published in Nature Communications suggests that astrocytes can do far more than simply support nerve cells (neurons).

Wenbin Deng, senior author of the study and associate professor of biochemistry and molecular medicine at UC Davis in California, told Medical News Today:

This exciting research uncovers the brain-protective powers of stem cell-derived astrocytes.

Astrocytes may help to limit the spread of damage after an ischemic brain stroke in patients, and may also help to regenerate and repair damaged brain cells.

Both of these actions may lead to better functional recovery in patients.

The full article is located at Medical News Today

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