Release Of Eliquis Blood Clot Preventer Story

r_logo_twitter_whiteThe blood clot preventer Eliquis, sold by Pfizer Inc and Bristol-Myers Squibb Co, proved as effective as widely used warfarin in treating a dangerous condition known as venous thromboembolism and caused far less bleeding, according to data from a large clinical trial.

The Pfizer and Bristol-Myers pill met the main goal of the study by showing it worked just as well as conventional treatment with warfarin, a generic blood thinner, in reducing recurrence of the condition and related deaths.

Eliquis also led to a nearly 70 percent reduction in the risk of major bleeding and more than a 50 percent reduction in a category known as clinically relevant non-major bleeding. Bleeding is typically the most troubling side effect of extended use of blood thinning drugs.

Dr. Giancarlo Agnelli, the study’s lead investigator, called the bleeding results “a remarkable real advantage” for Eliquis.

The full article is located at Reuters

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