IBBM: Perioperative Blood Management Technologist Certification


P-LT will be providing an interactive online course designed to prepare anyone interested in taking the PBMT Certification exam through IBBM. The course will include Microsoft PowerPoint presentations covering aseptic techniques, hematology, coagulation physiology, blood conservation pharmacology, autotransfusion, platelet gel and blood management. Each presentation will also include a content targeted quiz. P-LT will be offering this course free of charge. We will post more information when the course becomes available. From IBBM:

To address the absence of a formal certifying agency, and improve the safety and care that blood management clinicians provide to their patients, AmSECT is working closely with the AABB to coordinate this rapidly developing field. Since 1998 the Perioperative Blood Management Taskforce, consisting of over 70 members from diverse clinical specialties, has worked diligently to create a process for formal recognition of individuals involved in blood management. One of the first steps was the creation of the International Board of Blood Management that has as its mission to promote education and sound scientific principles to advance the safe and competent practice of perioperative blood management, which will lead to recognition of this specialization through examination and certification.

Visit IBBM for more information and to download the PBMT exam application.

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