Sports Medicine – PRP Success Stories!

Advances-in-Sports-medicineI wanted to share a few successes with autologous blood therapy (PRP). I had scheduled this gentlemen for his 2nd Achilles PRP. He’s a man in his early 60’s with years of Achilles tendonopathy. Unable to walk without a limp, play golf, etc. He had his first PRP 6 weeks ago. Walking normally now, has played golf 2x recently. We’ll see if his benefit is permanent or not. I’m pleasantly surprised he’s done this well, this soon. I’ve seen 2 patients recently that had Arteriocyte PRP for knee OA under my care that are doing extremely well. Please feel free to refer any patients that are good PRP candidates.

F. Clarke Holmes, M.D. Impact Sports Medicine and Orthopedics, PLLC 345 23rd Avenue N., Suite 301 Nashville, TN 37203 615.346.4036 (phone/fax)

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